About Us


 an organization encouraging golf for all!

Golf Fore All at EFCC, Inc.  is a 501c3 corporation. Our mission is to support programs for junior golfers, women, beginners of all ages, and golfers with disabilities. The corporation believes in expanding access to golf for all income levels. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to learn the sport, receive lessons and equipment, practice, compete and build positive life skills.

Sponsored activities to date have included

Family golf activities

Having the vision of families spending time together outdoors and playing golf is one of our true passions.  In that light, EFCC has installed the PGA approved family tee plate program. Each tee is closer and geared to increase participation of the beginner, family and junior golfers. 

The Gerry Whitney Family Golf Tournament, 07/11/2021

This annual event promotes the benefits of golf for health and unity of family. Golf is a great outside family activity. Golf is one of the few sports that can be played together and at any age. Golf is truly a multi-generational game!

Junior activities

*Introductory sessions for 1st -3rd graders LEAPS Summer Program

*Introductory sessions for 4th-5th graders LEAPS Summer Program

*Junior Golf Clinic

We support introducing golf as a lifetime activity that can be played at any age.

Future Plans Include:

Golfers with Disabilities

Our goal is to work toward accommodating golfers with disabilities, raising funds to make EFCC  more accessible and to promote activities to encourage adaptive golf,

aligning with programs such as USGA Accommodating Golfers with Disabilities.

Sponsored Golf Tournaments 

Watch for tournaments and other activities to highlight awareness and raise funds to support our mission: Golf Fore All!

Sponsored Golf Tournaments 

To highlight awareness and raise funds to supGolf Fore All! To donate tap here